Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Social Reform

Happy Birthday to Susan B Anthony!
Now that was a community organizer.

Now, in the news today is a fellow named Jeff Zeints. He's slated to appear in Executive Fun, but as I was doing my research on Wikipedia today I came across a curious alert for the first time. Call me naive, but I hadn't even considered this at any point executing this HOME TEAM project. I did make sure any image I used as reference was public domain, but I trusted that Fair Use and Free Speech precedents would cover my use of the politician's likenesses. Mr Zeints is apparently the only one who is so worried about his personality representations in the mass media that he or his staff have gone so far as to post an alert on his wiki article. Also, no birthdate is listed, so nobody will be able to tweet him happy wishes.

SO, anyway, here's a goofy caricature of some guy. He's probably gonna end up in the Classics after his gaffe at a press conference today. And by gaffe, I mean he actually told the truth.

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