Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nicier (Happy Birthday to these...

 I am warned today to balance my imagination against reality, and not to feel like I have to act on every whim or share every thought.

Believe me, I do not share every thought.

However, this is kind of what I have been planning since August 2011...


George Tenet

Ed Rendell

Charlie Rose

Hayao Miyazaki

Juan Carlos

Florence King

Walter Mondale

Hosea Williams

Zebulon Pike


Difference is, I thought I'd have inked all of them before posting 'em. I like to ink. I'm messier than I think I should be, but it's a very zen practice. First there's no mark, and then I'm stuck with it.

So I've been considering DIgital inking. I could use the practice on my Wacom. It's just. not. the same. 

Ah well, we'll see if I can do it again tomorrow. I've got eight good ones pencilled up for ya. Some are even current politicians!

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