Monday, May 28, 2012

What did you say?

Not a lot of fun to look at, is it?  Well, believe me, it's waaaay worse after you do the research and fill in the blanks.  
This is an example of the coloring sheet back I'm using on all the 2012 Home Team materials.

PLEASE save a copy of the image and print put a bunch to use any time you hear the name of a politician who you know virtually nothing about.

The final version will have fields programmed in that will let you type your research into the pdf version. For now, good old pencil will have to do.

Also, visit the Home Team Politics Kickstarter page to see one prominent group of American politicians  that you can use this sheet to gather information about.

Visit the CPC Twitter List to get a sneak preview of the entire Congressional Progressive Caucus, and let them know you're paying attention!

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